College Football Rankings: Road to the BCS Championship Game

College football rankings stir up plenty of interest during the NCAA regular season. But the final weekend of the college football season marks the beginning of the most exciting time of the year for NCAA gridiron fans. Everybody tunes in for the BCS Selection Show on FOX to find out which teams made a BCS bowl, who plays who in the BCS, and ultimately which 2 teams get to play in the BCS Championship Game. Once BCS selections are in place the rest of the bowls are then able to choose their matchups which gives college football a setup similar to NCAA basketball's Selection Sunday in that most post-season dreams and destinations aren't realized until the last regular season games have been completed. Shortly after the BCS Selection Show on FOX, college football websites light up with people downloading the bowl game lineup, starting up office pools, and searching for expert team analysis.
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2009 pre-season AP college football rankings
- 2009 pre-season AP football top 25.

2009 pre-season USA Today NCAA football rankings - 2009 pre-season USA Today football Coaches Poll.

2008 Final BCS standings - Final 2008 Bowl Championship Series top 25 rankings.

2008 Week 14 Harris Interactive football poll - Week 14 Harris top 25 football rankings.

On deck: BCS formula, BCS history, BCS controversy, a look back at 2008, and college bowl game information.

Overall this site is easy to use and follow. I provide basic information including weekly college football rankings, conference standings, and team schedules. Throughout the season analysis is provided on conference trends and upcoming marquee matchups. I also cover the meaning of lesser-known college football rankings, the historical aspect of the Bowl Championship Series, and the possibility of a D-1A college football playoff system. In addition I have developed my own weekly top 25 college football rankings which I have dubbed the CFR rankings. I use the CFR rankings to assist in completing my bowl game picks.

You may wonder why I'm doing this or why I maintain this site. The answer is that I love this stuff. Since I was a kid I've always been interested in stats, team records, college rankings, playoff/tournament scenarios, and sports contests of all kinds. This site is where I get to share my knowledge and my thoughts on the NCAA football season, in particular college football rankings, bowl games, and the BCS.

If you'd like to stay up to date on the latest NCAA football rankings and news then consider subscribing to the College Football Rankings Blog or my AnyGivenFan RSS feed which is run through CFR's parent site Feel free to contact me if you have any questions/comments about college football rankings. Thanks for visiting and I hope you find worthwhile and interesting the college football information and viewpoints provided on this site.

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